Support Coordinator and Carers

Equipping support coordinators to give participants choice and control

For support coordinators & carers

Your role in the community is so important, and we would like to thank you for changing the lives of West Australians. You are an integral part of the impact we work tirelessly to create.

As a support coordinator, participant carer or disability worker, you want what is best for your participant. We live by the same goal. Trust us when we say that we get it. We are driven by the same vision, which is why we work to make your life a little easier.

If you are looking for housing solutions for your participant or need help with the processes involved with NDIS funding approval, we are here to help you. Our team offers guidance through the entire process, working with support coordinators in finding the right short, medium, or long-term accommodation for their participants.

We answer any doubts and queries that you might have and translate any confusion, so that you can focus on looking after your participant.

Is your participant eligible?

Do you need some help understanding what your participant is entitled to, through their NDIS plan? Don’t worry, our eligibility quiz will give you some much needed clarity.

If SDA approval does not go through, they can still stay in an Adelphi home for a short or medium length stay!

A meaningful career in disability support

Choosing a career as a support coordinator, plan manager, therapist or even in our admin team is a meaningful and rewarding one.

Our team guides participants through their journey towards independence. We are the facilitators in creating unbelievable impact to the lives of many West Australians.

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We are here to help West Australians, living with a disability, get the housing solutions and ongoing support they deserve.

We are here to make functional independent living happen.