Home Designs & Features

Customised for functional living

Unique lifestyle features

Every house we design is bespoke, taking into careful consideration the unique needs of our participants. Our homes feature fully accessible bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens, with open plan living areas and outdoor spaces.

It is our priority to enhance the participant’s functionality and to promote independence. With the special designs in our SDA homes and our SIL support, it  provides our participants with a sense of empowerment, to navigate day-to-day activities with ease. 

Our designs allow each and every participant, and your support coordinators, to feel the ultimate sense of safety and independence.

Feel free to virtually visit one of our houses to have a better idea of our home design possibilities !

Design features – the choice should always be yours

At Adelphi Living, we believe that your home should be the canvas for opportunities. Each property that we stand by has been designed and built for greater independence, comfort, and control.

We strive to give you the wheel of your life, as we gently guide you through life’s journey. Our properties utilise meticulously thoughtful design that enable you to spend time with your loved ones.

As a result, our homes are contemporary specialist accommodations with stellar features to empower you.

Here are some of our features
at a glance:

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Clever, modern, and stylish designs

Low mounted wall switches​

Multiple storages areas

Automation-ready blinds and bedroom door

Accessible kitchen and bathrooms

Ceiling hoist provisions

Open plan living

Wide doorways and passages

Private ensuite with each bedroom for increased privacy

Lifestyle features – as unique and individual as you

You are unique and your needs are individual. Therefore, your home should be customised to suit you.

At Adelphi Living, we provide you with the opportunity to find your unique place in the community. At a glance, here are some of the lifestyle features of our homes:

Lifestyle features

Lifestyle features

Brand new homes located close to shops, public transport, and medical facilities.

Independent spaces that allow for privacy and peace of mind

All our locations are in secure, safe, and desirable neighbourhoods

Live by yourself or with other participants

Our homes have spaces to entertain and spend time with loved ones

Our homes enable you to have the optimal socially integrated life you deserve

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